Innovations in Web Accessibility:
Reviewing the Last Decade and Identifying Transformative Opportunities


This seminar provides an overview of significant technical research intended to improve the accessibility of the World Wide Web to people with disabilities. Since the Web is essentially defined by standards, much of this research has occurred in the context of standardization efforts. I shall review a range of innovative developments and current work, including Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA), the application of "speech-enabling" approaches to the design of Web-based assistive technologies, the emergence of personalized accessibility, and the convergence of interests brought about by mobile devices such as tablets. In each case, I shall identify the problem to be solved, describe the solution and characterize the potential of the innovation to improve access to the Web. This potential is particularly strong in educational applications, which, owing to their complexity and the often specialized or technical material presented, create challenges for accessibility which are seldom encountered elsewhere.


Slides are available.